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Darahkubiru and Oldblue Co., proudly present:
Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.III


Our all-ancestries-allowed kind of denim contest.
Any Oldblue jeans with mint condition, with less than 4 months of wear on April 1st 2019, are eligible to join the contest.
Creases are okay, already-faded pants are not allowed.
We’ll judge the pants condition from the first submitted photo.
All the final judgement will be done by the team of judges and all the judgements are final.


~ Contest Duration ~
April 1st 2019 until April 1st 2020
~ Registration Period ~
From March 29th 2019 until May 31st 2019
~ Registration Fee ~
IDR 250.000,- (Including free limited Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. III exclusive tee)
~ How to Register ~
Fill out the form at
We will contact all the eligible registrees
Registree will have 3 days to finish their registration’s fee payment

• Any type of Oldblue jeans is available to join the contest.
• Contestant must have an Instagram account that is set up to public.
• Contestant is obligated follow @oldblueco and @oldblueroyalrumble.
• From May 2019, contestant will have to do the monthly update.
• The update must be done from date 1st-10th of every month.
• Any update photos should include #oldblueroyalrumble #RRvolII hashtags.
• Contestant that misses the monthly update 3 (three) times will be automatically disqualified
• Every 3 months, the contest committee will provide challenges for the contestants with set of prizes to be won.
• The final judgement will be done by considering the beauty of the fades (honeycombs, whiskers, roping, train tracks, overall hue, evolution phase, etc) and also the story behind the jeans.

Oldblue Co. Team
Denim Enthusiasts Representatives
Standard Denim Supply Co. Team


* Overall Winner *
Electric Guitar with Custom Hand Paint by Oldblue
IDR 2.000.000 Oldblue Voucher

* 2nd Winner *
Oldblue X Sagara Bootmaker Special Collaboration Boots
IDR 1.500.000 Oldblue Co. Voucher

* 3rd Winner *
Custom Pinstripe Helmet by The Stubborn
IDR 1.000.000 Oldblue Co. Voucher

* Three-monthly Challenge *
IDR 1.000.000 Standard Denim Supply Shopping Voucher
Silver accessories set by Relic Almanac
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By deLL


Are you ready to step into the ring and prove you're the best denim tamer alive?
Be ready, the brawl will commence soon!

Stay tune at this thread for more info!
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By deLL

Darahkubiru and Oldblue Co., proudly present:

Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.III - The Unveiling!

Join us on the social hoe-down!
Enjoy the night with some great refreshments and broaden your horizon in joining the talk-show!

@yax from Oldblue Co., @bugz from Sagara Bootmaker and @mr.aa from Antea Tigra will be sharing their know-how on the rendezvous. The talk-show itself will be about "Bringing Indonesian Craftmanship To The World, How To Break The Barriers?"

If that's something that getting your mind tickling, and wanted to know further. You're welcome to join us for the night!

And for all of you notorious denimheads, Oldblue Co. will also be officially kicking off their Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. III at the event! Gather around to see what bounties awaited you in the finish line, get some insider knowledge on how to become the greatest denim tamer!

See you there!


Friday, March 29th 2019
18.30 - 21.00

Standard Denim Supply Co.
Plaza Senayan Level 2


For further info, contact us at (+62) 812 9102 6674 or
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