Diskusi spesifik mengenai brand-brand jeans di dunia

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By Kuizzical
Samurai Jeans


founded in 1997, Osaka based Samurai Jeans has already managed to establish itself as an unwashed selvage denim producer for connoisseurs. Their collection exists of various models of unwashed denim.Most of the cuts are based on the traditional workwear. They are extremely high quality that are often sold in limited editions.

Samurai is a Japanese Company that is the strongest denim in the world. Its standard cut is at 15 oz per sq meter. Although they have now gone all the way up to 24. The higher the oz, the more stress the jeans are under on the loom. 15 oz itself is very very hard. 24 oz is near impossible. The leather patch depicts an image of the famous duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojirō in 1612 on a remote island in Japan. Musashi was the victor and is said to be the most skilled swordsman in history. He is also well known for his writing of Go Rin No Sho or "Book of Five Rings". This is the image commonly found on most Samurai models. Most versons also includes a full moon silhouette and Lot# 10, this number changes every year with this being Samurai's 10th production year. Samurai is also a raw denim. It takes many months or years to get these broken into champions. Although Sam's are known for fading very nicely.

Samurai Jeans fade exceedingly well, giving a contrast between the dark hand dyed indigo and bright white cotton that is impossible to achieve with mass-produced jeans.


Website: http://www.samurai-j.com
Sold at : Rakuten, Blue In Green Soho, etc

Fade Example


Ref: http://todiefordenim.blogspot.com/2010/08/history-of-samurai-jeans.html, http://www.rawrdenim.com/2012/08/fade-friday-samurai-fire-element-2-years-many-washes/, Gilangaditya

Samurai Fit Guides

S5000 – Size down 1 for regular fit, down 2 for slim fit. For larger sizes, see this post.

S0500 – size down 1 for slim(ish fit, true to size for a more regular fit.

S710 – true to size for slim fit, down 1 for very slim fit

S510 – true to size (see additional info below)

USA (sz. 28-33) – true to size

USA (sz. 34-38 ) – size up 2-3

S7000 – true to size (see additional info below)


Description of rise is only in comparison to other Samurai models.

S51019oz – “relaxed” fit; straight leg; highrise

S51021oz – “relaxed” fit; straight leg; highrise

S0510XX – “relaxed” fit; straight leg; highrise

S510XX-AI-N – same fit as other 510 models

S0500XX – slim fit; midrise; slightly tapered leg

S513XXBL – bell bottom

S710XX19oz – slim fit; tapered leg; midrise

S512XXBC – slim fit; bootcut

S5000VX – 66-inspired cut; straight leg; lowrise

S5000BK – same fit as S5000; straight leg; lowrise

S3000VX – repro cut; loosest Samurai cut; highrise; straight leg

S7000VX – repro cut; one pocket

S0110XJ – similar fit to S5000; straight leg; lowrise

S0120XJ – same fit as S0110, but with bootcut

S0210XJ – same fit as S01101

GA0510LXXII – ladies straight leg fit

USA Model – S5000 cut; low rise, cinchback


S0510XX – 15oz. denim; also S0510XXX; ‘47 501-inspired cut

S0510XXII – 14oz. Zimbabwe cotton; “deadstock blue” colour (yellowed); blank backpockets

S0510XXIII – 3rd generation changed to 15oz.; arcuates added

S0510XXIIIP – oversize; 50″ waist; 15oz. denim; screen printed

S0510XXV – 18oz. denim; tiger selvage (black & yellow); commemorating the Osaka and Kobe victory 2003

S0510XX-LTD – 2nd anniversary commemoration model; 2005 limited edition; ® red tab; no arcuate; aged doughnut buttons

S0510XX-66(II) – 66 model; same denim as S5010XX; presently second generation; black arcuates

S0510XX-CP – beige

S510XX19oz – 19oz version of S0510XX

S510XX21oz – 21oz. version of S510XX

S510XX-AI-N – 17oz. natural indigo; rope dyed; gold-plated buttons; same cut as S0510XX; 2005 edition here

S510XX-RR – Ltd. Edition; 15 oz. Texas cotton; red tab with (r); no arcuates; aged donut buttons

S0511XS(II) – 14oz. denim; slim fit; straight leg; zip fly

S0511XS-CP – zip fly version of S0510XX-CP

S0511XS-HC – hickory stripe version of S0511XS

S0520XXX – S510 cut; 2000 ltd. ed.; 14oz. denim; ® tab

S710XX 19oz – 19oz. denim; slim fit (same as S0505XX); black arcuates

S0505XX – zip fly version of the S0510XX-66

S512XXBC – boot cut; same 19oz. denim as S510XX; presently 3rd generation

S513XXBL – bell bottom; 15oz. Texas coton denim; comes one-wash

S0710BK – 2003 model; 14oz. Zimbabwe cotton; skinny cut; donut buttons

SK2003HC – S0510XX66 cut; hickory stripe; donut buttons

S2000(III) – “great war model”; same denim as S0510XX (15oz.); presently 3rd generation; independent coin pocket without use of rivets; 1st generation – S2000;

S0500XX – 15oz. Texas cotton denim; tapered leg

S0310XX – Newest model; cut looser that the S3000VX; 15oz. Texas cotton denim

S0611-AI – Evisu inspired painted arcuates (white, yellow or red); natural indigo; zip fly

S0521BC – bootcut; zip fly; 14oz. denim

S0610LX – lowrise, slim fit, 15oz. Texas denim; black arcuates


S5000VX – 17oz “Zero” denim; straight leg; donut buttons

S5000BK – black version of S5000VX; originally a 2006 limited edition (seen here)

S5000CX – sulfur-dyed (khaki/grey) version of S5000VX

S5000KA – 2005 limited edition; 17oz. persimmon tannin-dyed denim; gold-plated donut buttons; 3mm saddle leather patch

S500021oz – 2007 ltd. edition

S3000VX – “great war model” (WWII cut); same denim as S5000VX; painted arcuates

S3000BK – new 2007 model; black version of S3000VX

S7000VX – 17oz. Zero denim; 1800’s style; suspender buttons; high coin pocket; cinchback; solo backpocket; doughnut buttons; black arcuate; originally a 2004 ltd. ed. (seen here)

Additional Sizing Info (courtesy of dino might! from superfuture)

710- true to waist size for nice, manly, slim/straight silhouette (HIGHEST RECOMMENDED METHOD). one down if you have more of a skinnier-than-average-build (model chic). two only if youre nuts and want skintight 19oz jeans to hold you up when youre tired of standing on your own (SERIOUSLY NOT RECOMMENDED) (this all based on the lot 10/tagged size=raw waist size jeans)
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By drz
gw kira thread ini bakal rame coi, ayo mana nih fans2nya samurai. gw liat di evo thread juga banyak bet kan samuree
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By atyontol
baru liat ada subforum denim brands :thumbup
ikutan share, x-post dari thread evo pertengahan oktober :)

Samurai S5000GX-K
pemakaian sekitar 3.5 bulanan.

Spoiler! :

Spoiler! :
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By darym
mau nanya nih,
s710xx overtime nya gmn ya? apa setelah beberapa kali cuci inseam nya bakal mendek?
penasaran aja sh hhe mau ngehem soalny
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By rnl
Baru tau juga gue si lukman ada samurai :sembah

Lo gimana fa, samurainya keluarin dong :ngacir
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